This page details the various passive effects on each race.


Saiyans, Halfbreeds, and Praets transform into Oozaru if in their base form during the full moon, or when looking at a Fakemoon.

Makyans receive a powerful 10x PL boost when the Makeo Star is shining. This stacks with their transformations.

Werewolves experience an increase in attack damage during the full moon.


Androids, Bio-Androids, and Icers do not require special equipment to survive underwater or in airless environments.

Aquarians and Shadow Dragons are able to breath underwater.

Golems are immune to Bleeding damage.


Only Yardratians, Kaios, and Makaios learn Instant Transmission on their own; other races must be taught by a Yardratian using TEACHIT.

  • Each of these races require only 1000 ki to use the skill, rather than the usual 5000.

Kaios and Makaios are able to utilize Kaioken x14, rather than the usual x10.

  • Kaios require 1/3 the energy to maintain Kaioken; Makaios require 1/2 that of other races.

Only Kaios learn the Mystic skill naturally; others must be tutored by a ranked Kaio.

Bio-Androids are able to Learn nearly any non-transformation skill by absorbing their slain foes. This absorption is automatic and can result in random skills based on target race but a specific skill must be set.