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Terrans are classifed as sentient beings originating on the planet Earth. While the majority of Earth's population is Human, significant portions are made up of various Animal-type and Monster-type people. Even Humans may be strange or unique compared to reality, such as the Three-Eyed Tien and the massive Ox King.

One theory behind some of these unique individuals explains that Humans and other Terrans may have some form of mixed ancestry, perhaps even Demon blood in rare cases. This is further supported by the ability some Terrans possess that allows them to fuse with Golems, a race of artificial demons.

Terrans are among the most varied races because of this, coming from many different backgrounds and walks of life. They may not be the most powerful race at the beginning, but they have many quirks that give them advantages over the other powerful races of the galaxy.

Racial powerlevel gains modifier is 326%


Humans are the standard to which most of the races compare. They have a pair of arms and legs each. One head, usually with hair, as well as the standard range of skin tones. While most humans in the show have normal hair colors quite a few of them have naturally blue, purple, or green hair.

Even among Humans, some there are variations and quirks. Examples include the massive Ox King, Yajirobe's insatiable appetite, Launch's split persona, Tien's third eye, and many more. Despite being unusual even in the Dragonball universe, they are still considered otherwise normal Humans.

Prevalent but less common are the Animal-type and Monster-type people of Earth. These two groups are so dramatically varied as to defy description. Animal-type Terrans such as Oolong, Shu, and Puar come in varying degrees of anthropomorphism with almost limitless animal-like qualities. Monster-type Terrans include Pilaf and Giran, again appearing in varying degrees of anthropomorphism and perhaps even wider physical traits.


Terrans are the dominant people native to planet Earth. They possess a wide range of varied cultures and societies. Terran history shows that they, as a people, value peace but are quick to war. Though not the most technologically or philosophically advanced race, they are quick to develop and adapt compared to others.

About three quarters of the Earth's Terran population is Human with the rest made up of Animal-type and Monster-types, including a small percentage of mixed-bloods.


Humans are among the most variable and unpredictable people in the universe. Members of the Human race represent both the best and the worst qualifies of sentient life. Good or Evil, Lawful or Chaotic, even individuals may be swayed from their nature due to circumstances, whether temporarily or otherwise. Included among the Human race are the Animal-type and Monster-type Earthlings, represented by individuals such as Shu and Pilaf, respectively. Though differing in appearance from average Humans, they differ very little in social and psychological ways.

Terrans are, of course, to be roleplayed similarly to Humans, simply with appropriate distinctive traits and quirks. These are largely left up to the player.


Basic SkillsEdit

             Name                   PL Needed          Max
                    aid                     100         95%
              focus ki                     250        100%
                  kick                   5,000         95%
                 punch                   5,000         95%
      aggressive style                  15,000         95%
                 block                  15,000         95%
       defensive style                  15,000         95%
            zanzoken 1                  50,000        100%
             axehandle                  75,000         95%
         berserk style                 100,000         95%
                 dodge                 100,000         95%
         evasive style                 100,000         95%
              meditate                 100,000         95%
                  skin                 250,000         95%
             charge L1                 500,000        100%
        wolf fang fist                 500,000         95%
             charge L2               1,000,000        100%
            zanzoken 2               1,000,000        100%
         second attack               2,000,000         95%
                   dcd               2,500,000         95%
             charge L3              10,000,000        100%
            zanzoken 3              25,000,000        100%
             charge L4              50,000,000        100%
            doublekick             100,000,000         95%
          third attack             100,000,000         85%
            kitransfer           1,500,000,000        100%
         fourth attack          15,000,000,000         75%
  four witches techniq         200,000,000,000         45%

Racial AbilitiesEdit

             Name                   PL Needed          Max
             energy ball                  40,000         95%
                   fly                  50,000         95%
        destructo disk                 100,000         95%
              suppress                 250,000        100%
          scatter shot                 500,000         95%
               kaioken               1,000,000         95%
            kamehameha               1,000,000         95%
                 sense               1,000,000         95%
      destructive wave              10,000,000         95%
  instant transmission              25,000,000         95%
             dodon ray              50,000,000         95%
                 hyper              75,000,000        100%
           solar flare             200,000,000         95%
           spirit ball             500,000,000         95%
           desperation             700,000,000         95%
   dual destructo disk             750,000,000         95%
           aura shield             800,000,000         95%
             auralight           1,500,000,000         95%
            kakusandan           1,700,000,000         95%
            multi disk           2,000,000,000         95%
             potential           2,000,000,000        100%
           spirit bomb           2,000,000,000         95%
            split-form           2,000,000,000         95%
      double dodon ray           8,000,000,000         95%
        enhanced sense          10,000,000,000         95%
          sauzer blade          10,000,000,000         95%
              tri-form          25,000,000,000         95%
          customattack          50,000,000,000         95%
            multi-form          50,000,000,000         95%
             third eye          60,000,000,000         95% 
              tri-beam         100,000,000,000         95%
       warp kamehameha         350,000,000,000         95%
       terrangeniefuse         400,000,000,000         10%
                kousen         500,000,000,000         95%
           reborn rage       1,500,000,000,000         95%
          multitribeam       7,500,000,000,000         95%


  • During Dragonball, Goku was presumably intended to be a Human, just as Piccolo was simply a Demon before Dragonball Z revealed them to be aliens. Their otherworldly origins were apparently decided fairly late into Dragonball.
  • For some time, Humans were included as a separate race after the original Human race was converted into Terrans. The two have been folded back together as little was added to gameplay.