A dark star that passes by the Earth every 12 thousand years. It is theorized that the energies this star radiates when its near Earth are responsible for creating rifts in the dimensions that Demons are able to escape through to the living realm.

But since it would be incredibly ridiculous to have the Makeo Star only show up every 12 thousand in-game years, it shows up the 15th and 30th of each in-game month, at night time, similar to how the moon shines full at the same time.

While the Makeo Star is in orbit near the Earth, all Makyans are fed a substantial boost in power by the star. This gives them a x10 mod, similar to Oozaru. However, unlike Oozaru, this mod cannot be avoided, and it cannot be removed, until the Star leaves the Earth's orbit.

The mod from the Makeo Star stacks with all Makyan transformations.