Icerian (monogender)

The Icer homeworld is a bleak planet whose harsh conditions have given birth to a heartless race of survivors. Fighting against extinction for millions of years, the Icerians evolved to thrive where few species could tolerate. They are capable of surviving severe bodily trauma and even extended periods in the vacuum of outer space.

The most well-known of the Icerians is the late head of the Planet Trade Organization, Lord Frieza. Frieza's presense propagated the belief that his entire race were powerful, calculating, genocidal monsters. In truth, Frieza inherited a mutation from his father, the secretive and elusive King Cold. They were rare among their kind for being both exceptionally powerful and ruthless.

To strengthen the appearance of their superiority, in truth all but the strongest of the Icerians were wiped out by their own kind. Much like the Demons, this has led to stronger and more violent successive generations. Such has their power grown that it has become common practice to suppress their energy by transforming into weaker physical forms. However, any Icerian with the will and discipline to master its physical form may proceed to take on a further, "Super Evolved" (5th) form that enhances their already formidable abilities.

Racial powerlevel gains modifier is 275%


Icers appear to be somewhat reptilian, though as extraterrestrials the resemblance could be arbitrary. They are, however, exceptionally resilient creatures capable of surviving extreme physical damage. It is unclear as to whether they even have what could be considered "vital organs" as Frieza survived not only being cut in half but having a large portion of his head destroyed. Icers can even survive in the vacuum of space, suggesting that their home planet may be very harsh indeed. They may also be monogendered, or at least capable of asexual reproduction, as Frieza has been stated to be born from his father King Cold alone.


Little is officially known about the Icers except that they have long been at the head of the Planet Trade Organization.



Basic SkillsEdit

             Name                   PL Needed        Max
              focus ki                     250       100%
                  kick                   5,000        95%
                 punch                   5,000        95%
      aggressive style                  15,000        95%
                 block                  15,000        95%
       defensive style                  15,000        95%
            zanzoken 1                  50,000       100%
             axehandle                  75,000        95%
         berserk style                 100,000        95%
                 dodge                 100,000        95%
         evasive style                 100,000        95%
              meditate                 100,000        95%
                  skin                 250,000        95%
             charge L1                 500,000       100%
           tail attack                 750,000        95%
             charge L2               1,000,000       100%
            zanzoken 2               1,000,000       100%
         second attack               2,000,000        95%
                   dcd               2,500,000        95%
             charge L3              10,000,000       100%
            zanzoken 3              25,000,000       100%
             charge L4              50,000,000       100%
          third attack             100,000,000        85%
            kitransfer           1,500,000,000       100%
         fourth attack          15,000,000,000        75%
          fifth attack          50,000,000,000        65%

Racial AbilityEdit

             Name                   PL Needed        Max
           energy ball                  40,000        95%
                   fly                  50,000        95%
        destructo disk                 100,000        95%
              suppress                 250,000       100%
              eye beam                 500,000        95%
          scatter shot                 500,000        95%
                 sense               1,000,000        95%
        daichiretsuzan               2,000,000        95%
  instant transmission               2,500,000        95%
              2nd form               5,000,000        95%
           finger beam               5,000,000        95%
      destructive wave              10,000,000        95%
              3rd form              40,000,000        95%
   dual destructo disk              50,000,000        95%
             trap ball             250,000,000        95%
              4th form             400,000,000        95%
             ice armor             800,000,000        95%
            death ball           1,000,000,000        95%
              5th form           1,500,000,000        95%
             auralight           1,500,000,000        95%
  scattered finger bea           1,750,000,000        95%
            death wave           1,800,000,000        95%
            super nova           2,000,000,000        95%
            death beam           6,000,000,000        95%
        enhanced sense          10,000,000,000        95%
          sauzer blade          10,000,000,000        95%
          customattack          50,000,000,000        95%
      earth line blast         200,000,000,000        95%
             mechaicer       1,000,000,000,000        95%


  • Mecha-Icer is a special modular transformation that adds x5 for each part obtained. When all eight are worn, the mod is 2-40x.
  • These parts cannot be removed once equipped and equipping parts will disable the normal Icer transformations!
  • The parts and the transformation require a base PL of 1,000,000,000,000 or more.
[Worn On Body]        Mecha-Icer Pectoral Guard [1250/1250] L:(1)
                           Affects strength by 15.
                           Affects speed by 15.
                           Affects intelligence by 11.
                           Affects constitution by 35.
[Worn On Head]        Mecha-Icer Cranial Plating [1250/1250] L:(0)
                           Affects strength by 5.
                           Affects speed by 10.
                           Affects intelligence by 35.
                           Affects constitution by 35.
[Worn On Legs]        Mecha-Icer Femoral Reinforcements [1250/1250] L:(1)
                           Affects strength by 15.
                           Affects speed by 45.
                           Affects intelligence by 11.
                           Affects constitution by 17.
[Worn On Hands]       Mecha-Icer Power Grip [1250/1250] L:(1)
                           Affects strength by 25.
                           Affects speed by 25.
                           Affects intelligence by 5.
                           Affects constitution by 17.
                           Affects damage roll by 1.
[Worn About Waist]    Mecha-Icer Abdominal Protector [1250/1250] L:(1)
                           Affects strength by 5.
                           Affects speed by 30.
                           Affects intelligence by 21.
                           Affects constitution by 17.
[Worn On Eyes]        Mecha-Icer Ocular Replacement [1250/1250] L:(0)
                           Affects strength by 15.
                           Affects speed by 25.
                           Affects intelligence by 25.
                           Affects constitution by 17.
                           Affects affected_by by truesight
                           Affects affected_by by scrying
[Worn On Back]        Mecha-Icer Spinal Augment [1250/1250] L:(1)
                           Affects strength by 20.
                           Affects speed by 10.
                           Affects intelligence by 11.
                           Affects constitution by 35.
[Worn On Tail]        Mecha-Icer Synthetic Tail [1250/1250] L:(0)
                           Affects strength by 25.
                           Affects speed by 25.
                           Affects intelligence by 11.
                           Affects constitution by 17.
                           Affects hit roll by 1.


  • Every Icer shown has seemingly been male, most of them from Frieza's bloodline.
    • At the very least, King Cold is a mutant, as well as his son Frieza who he was stated to have birthed alone. This is said to be the reason for their exceptional power and violent nature, but it is unknown how else they are set apart from others.
  • Icer has not received an official name in Dragonball, generally being referred to as simply "Frieza's Race".