Welcome to Dragonball New Universe: Hopes Beginning Wiki. This wiki holds information concerning the MUD including the Roleplaying system, Fun Facts, Helpfiles, Skills, information about Races, and more. The wiki is updated along with the game and community.

What Is It?

Dragonball New Universe is text-based MUD that is inspired by the multimedia Dragonball series.

  • Content of this wiki is subject to change as the game undergoes a new major update. Riptor: 5/5/2017


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To connect to the game, you'll need a MUD Client. You can connect using the address at Port 4321.

Getting Started

Some helpful links for players new to the game will explain Races, Roleplaying, AreasItems, and Quests.

There are also several Minigames, extensive Helpfiles, and you should be familiar with the Immortals


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